Shrapit Dosha Nivaran puja


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Shrapit Dosha is astrological bad luck brought about by a curse by someone during the past lives.  If a person has  dosha in his horoscope, he is unable to enjoy the luxuries and comforts of life even if they are available to him in abundance. Generally it occurs in a horoscope due to the person being cursed by someone in the past life or due to some inauspicious deed done by him knowingly or unknowingly in the past life. The Prabal Shrapit Dosha may continue from generation to generation if not pacified.


Shani Mantra: Om Pram Preem Prom Sah Shanye Namah ||
शनि मंत्र: ओम प्रां प्रीं प्रोम सह शनै नमः ।

Rahu Mantra: Om Bhram Bhreem Bhrom Sah Rahave Namah ||
राहु मंत्र – ॐ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं सः राहवे नमः।

Benefits of Performing Shrapit Dosha Nivaran puja

This Puja is recommended for those who are facing obstacles, delays, struggles or losses/ disharmony in their career, business & family life. By performing this puja you will be blessed with good health, prosperity, harmony & success in all spheres of life.  It removes the obstacles from professional & personal life. This puja ritual will also help you to get peace of mind. Remove negative thoughts and helps to get rid of negative approach and attitude towards life and situation.

Shrapit dosh nivaran puja occur when shani and rahu have placement in a single house. This dosha also occurs when shani aspects the house of rahu in the birth chart. Bad karma of past life is also one of the main reason for this dosha. if this combination excists than hurdles may be therefor issues in your life. Jupiter plays a major role in deciding the positive and negative aspects of the shani and rahu combination.

Shrapit Dosha negatively affects almost all the zones of life and the affected person has to face problems related to Family, Marital life, Children, Business, Career etc. A person may also suffer with matters that are not even directly related to him. As such this conjunction of Saturn and Rahu turns out to be favourable by making a person intelligent. It enables him to be very successful in various commercial activities including Technology related work but at the same time, this dosha makes a person unlucky and therefore unfortunately he is unable to taste the fruits of his success.

In shrapit puja includes – sankalpa for shrapit dosh nivaran, vinayak puja, kalash sthaapane, kalasha puja, navagraha purvak shani and rahu jaap, maha mrityuanjaya jap, homam of shrapit dosha puja , poornahuti,.

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