• Akhand Srimad Bhagwad Katha

    Bhagavad-Gita is a dialogue based discussion between Krishna and Arjuna on various aspects of Dharma, warrior duty, moksha and other karma elements. Akhand Bhagavat Gita is the knowledge sharing to Arjuna, who is the third brother is Pandvas by Lord Krishna, who was his mentor and charioteer in the great battle of Kurukshetra. Arjuna, was in a dharma sankata to kill his own brothers and family members or not. Krishna, recites Bhagavad-Gita and enlightens Arjuna and shows him the path of dharma.

    Benefits of Bhagavad-Gita recitation:

    • This recitation helps a person to take the righteous path


  • Baglamukhi Puja

    Maa Baglamukhi Puja Online can be done:

    1. Baglamukhi Puja & Yagna With 11000 chants INR: 8,000 priests: 3 Day 1
    2. Baglamukhi Puja & Yagna – 21000 chants INR: 11,000    priests: 5 Day 1
    3. Baglamukhi Puja & Yagna – 51000 chants INR: 25,000    priests: 9 Day 1
    4. Baglamukhi Puja & Yagna 125000 chants INR: 40,000     priests: 16 Day 1
    5. Baglamukhi Puja & Yagna With 436,000 chants: No. of priests: 3 ; Days:  36  (The count of 36 days, plays a big role in this puja).

    Baglamukhi Puja

    From: 8000
  • Bhraspativar Vrat Katha (for Jupiter)

    Guru, Brihaspathi or Jupiter as his popularly known occupies the second largest position after the Sun. Jupiter is revered as celestial preceptor of the Gods. Worship of Bhraspati or Guru (JUPITER) Devata results in a cure from ailments affecting the stomach and helps one to ward off sins, helps in gaining strength, valor, longevity etc. He grants the boon of father-hood to the childless, good education. Thursdays are considered to be the best day for the worship of Jupiter.

    Benefit from this Vrat story:
    • To get total happiness in married life.
    • Remove Sugar related disease like, Diabetes.
    • To get honourable education and cash finance.
    • To find a life partner.


  • Budhwar Vrat Katha (for Mercury)

    Budhvar Vrata is observed on Wednesdays for 21 consecutive Wednesdays by wearing green clothes and fasting during day time. In olden days travelling on Wednesdays was considered inauspicious. One day after marriage, a young man went to bring his wife to his home from his in-laws place. Despite of cautioning, he travels on a Wednesday. On the way, he sees another replica of him who confuses his wife. Later the second person takes the form of Lord Budha. From then onwards the couple observe Budhvar Vrata, and travelled safe on Wednesdays too.


    • Helps to remove foolishness and brings wisdom to devotees.
    • Helps to remove sins
    • Helps to remove obstacles
    • Helps to cure skin diseases


  • Chandrasekhara Ashtakam

    Chanting of the holy verses or slokas of Chandrasekhara Ashtakam refers to the powerful transformation in a person, over all kinds of fear, especially the fear of Death. You can recite these chants everyday or Monday in particular. The slokas of Chandrashekara Ashtakam were written by Hindu Sage Markandeya. All the chants are for Chandrashekara that is Lord Shiva, who has the authority over our death. The power of Chandrasekhara Ashtakam are very much about winning over death and all those worries that leads a person to death like status. Unlike all the other pujas, Chandrasekhara Ashtakam is meant to heal your inner spirit. As you praise Lord Shiva, you start feeling his power inside and it is this eternal power that leads you to the ultimate truth and happiness of life. As you praise Lord Shiva, you get his blessings and that is the spiritual strength of Chandrasekhara Ashtakam

  • Diwali Puja

    Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, prosperity, beauty and fertility. Lakshmi is a goddess who is consort of Lord Vishnu. Devotees who worship Goddess Lakshmi sincerely are blessed with wealth, prosperity, beauty, comfortable living, wealth, materialistic prosperity and much more. Goddess Laxmi is the Goddess of not only materialistic growth but also spiritual growth. She emerged from the churning of ocean and choose Lord Vishnu as Her partner. In many of Lord Vishnu’s incarnations Maa Laxmi also takes incarnation as His consort. It is believed wherever Maa Laxmi will be worship no sorrow or misery will reside.


    Diwali Puja

  • Durga Puja

    As per puranas, this Puja blesses with:
    • Blesses with courage & willpower.
    • Wards offs evils, negativity, black magic, spell, charms.
    • Instant solution of a problem.
    • Removes obstacles in marriage.

    Puja service includes: Daily Ganpati mantra, Navarna mantra, Durga Suktam, Durga Paath.
    No.of priest: 1 With 2100 chants
    Duration: 9 days

    Durga Puja

  • Durga Sahasranamam

    Maa Durga is the warrior Goddess worshipped for power and confidence. For Her devotees She is Mother of the Universe or the Adi Shakti. Goddess Durga was formed by combining the power of all Gods. Thus in Her most powerful form, she is depicted having eighteen arms representing the union of the powers of all the gods and carrying the 18 weapons, immemorial symbols of their qualities and their power. One of the best ways to worshiping Goddess Durga is through reciting Durga Sahasranamam or 1000 names of Maa Durga.


    Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Chamundaye Vichche


    • For good health, wealth, success and prosperity
    • For supreme protection and various siddhis

  • Ekadashi Vrat Puja

    Ganesh is the God of wisdom who removes obstacles from one’s path. He is worshipped for siddhi, success in undertakings, and buddhi, intelligence. He is worshipped before any venture is started. He is also the God of education, knowledge and wisdom, literature, and the fine arts. Lord Ganesha has all the five elements under His control. He is the embodiment of all potencies. He has no superior above Him. He is the Pranava Swarupa (embodiment of Aum). Hence, the first prayer is always addressed to Him.

    According to the Hindu religion, every month’s Ekadashi date is worshiped Lord Vishnu.  It occurs on the 11th day of every fortnight in the Hindu Lunar Calendar, Ekadashi is celebrated on this day. For Vaishnava society and Hindu religion Ekadashi vrat is considered important and virtuous. According to Naradpuran, the vow of Ekadashi is very dear to Lord Vishnu. The way Chaturthi is worshiped Lord Ganesha, Triodshi, Lord Shiva, Panchami, Lakshmi ji, in the same way, on the Ekadashi date, Lord Hari Vishnu ji is worshiped. After fasting all day, worshiping Lord Vishnu on the night should be worshiped with reverence. After this, on the day of Dvashashi, after bathing, after consuming Lord Vishnu, the Pandit should take food after eating food.   On this day, only one meal is consumed by the devotees in the whole day in which salt is avoided. Main reason of this vrat is to get indulged in the service of God and chant prayers. Eating grains is prohibited on Ekadashi day.


    om namo bhagavate vasudevaya


    As per puranas, this homam blesses with:

    • Removal of obstacles.
    • For success in work/ business.
    • Fulfilment of desires.
    • For knowledge & concentration.
    • To control the malefics of planet Ketu.

    Yagna service includes: Pujan & Sthapana (installation) of Ganesh, Navgraha, Shiva, Invocation mantras, Ganesh Havan, Arti.


  • Ganapati Atharvashirsa Puja

    Ganesh Atharvashirsha gets solemnised on Sankashti Chaturthi.  Sankashti Chaturthi is an auspicious day that falls on 4th day after every full moon. Hence it comes every month. If Sankashti Chaturthi falls on some Tuesday, then it is identified as “Angariki”.  However, in case the Ganesh Atharvashirsha could not be performed on the respective day, then you can choose any auspicious day to accomplish it. Performing Ganesh Atharvashirsha in the morning hours, by fasting will bring success to your life. On the other hand, if you perform Ganesh Atharvashirsha in the night and accomplish it till the moon rises, you are blessed  for the fulfillment of your wishes.  It is mandatory to continue with the chanting of 3 mins once in a while. This will support you in getting success in the fasting process. Hence, it will give you enough mental strength and courage in dealing with your problems.

    Ganapati Atharvashirsa puja Service include

    1. With 511 recitations of Ganapati Atharvashirsa: INR:9,000; No. of priests: 5; No. of day: 1
    2. With 1100 recitations of Ganapati Atharvashirsa: INR:18,000; No. of priests: 11; No. of day: 1
    3. With 21,000 recitations of Ganapati Atharvashirsa: INR:31,000; No. of priests: 21; No. of days: 1


  • Ganesh Chaturthi Puja

    Before we begin any work or auspicious, we worship Lord Ganesha. According to our Hindu Mythology, Lord Ganesh is the king of all vighnas. By worshipping Ganesha, all the vignas or obstacles will be removed and whatever the event or work will be successful. A new Ganesh idol is brought and pratishtapana is done. After that avahana is done. Ganesh is worshipped with sixteen rituals which are called Shodashopachara Puja. Deep prajwalan and sankalpa are done before starting the puja. Aarthi and prasad are given during puja.

    Ganesh Chaturthi Mantra

    Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha

    Ganesh Chaturthi Benefits

    • This puja removes all the hurdles in life
    • This puja helps you to achieve your goals
    • This puja helps brings happiness into your lives
    • This puja is the first puja to be performed before starting anything

  • Ganesh Puja

    Lord Ganesha removes all barriers and gives success throughout the year. In Ganesh Puja, Lord Ganesha the God of knowledge and wisdom is worshipped. Lord Ganesha is often depicted with a big stomach; He has the head of an elephant, a modak in his hand. Lord Ganesha is one of the most loved Deity. Lord Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati. He is worshipped before beginning of any and every work or new venture. It is believed worshipping Lord Ganesha will lead of removal of all obstacles and will provide success in business or work.


    Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha


    •          Prosperity, success, luck, prosperous business
    •          Removal of all obstacles leading to success
    •          Improvement of intellect, knowledge and wisdom

    Ganesh Puja

  • Gau Bhagwad Katha

    Gau bhagwad katha is recited in the devotion of cows, we consider. This puja is performed for the benefit of mankind and world peace. The main aim is to protect the cows all over the world. Lord Krishna indicated that human prosperity is dependent on cows and bramhinical culture hence protection of the cows is important. Lord Krishna is fond of bramhanas and not worshipping them is an offence. This puja enhances your spirituality. The puja is also performed for consistent milk supply from “Kamdhenu”, it encourages to make various milk products. In this ceremony cows are worshipped and feeded well. In order to worship the Supreme Lord, you must worship the cows. Protection of cows is given the utmost importance in this puja. It washes off your sins and makes you more devotional.


    • Gives you spiritual qualifications
    • Establishes peace and prosperity among human being
    • It makes you spiritually advanced
    • Cow protection
    • Human civilization propers

    Gau Bhagwad Katha

  • Group Puja for New Year 2022

    New Year is a very special and auspicious way to start in many countries. Many resolutions and decisions will be taken. Businessmen take many important business decisions. New Year is a very important day in every person’s life as he leaves behind all the bad, negative, sorrows and steps into the New Year with new hopes and aspirations. Astronomically and astrologically also earth completes a complete revolution around the sun and starts a new cycle. It is a new beginning. Every person sends greetings and wishes that the New Year should bring peace, prosperity, joy, and happiness to each other’s life. To support these wishes, we need God’s blessings. It is very auspicious to make a start by worshiping God. As per Hindu religion, any new work, or any new beginning or new venture, has to start with Ganapathi Puja. Sri Suktam chant will help to acquire wealth and prosperity.

  • Guru Granth Sahib Puja and Lunger

    The verses of Guru Granth Sahib are noted as very auspicious and unique. It is marked as great scriptures and the supreme authority among the Sikhs. In Sikh religion, the verses of Guru Granth Sahib are considered above any particular individual or God. Guru Granth Sahib is in it is a collection of verse in praise of God and is the way to be followed for better human existence. The practice of Guru Granth Sahib Puja and Lunger are all about the spreading of ethical and moral humanitarian ideologies. Lunger in particular is about having free meal in the house of God, without any kind of discrimination. The idea is to promote humbleness and dedicated services to creations of God, and thereby satisfy God for gaining inner peace. It is through Guru Granth Sahib Puja and Lunger, the Sikh community looks forward to gain spiritual calmness and meditation. Buring Akhand Ghee diya symbolises the power of Almighty and it is the way of beliving in that supreme power that has created the whole world.

    Guru Granth Sahib Puja service includes

    Number of priests: 6
    Duration: 3 days

    Swastivachan, Sankalp, Ganesh Pujan, Kalash Sthapana, Punyiyahvachan, Abhishek, Shodask matrika Kuldevi Pujan, nandi shraddh Pitr Samarn, 64 Yogini Pujan, Vastu Pujan, Sarvatobhandr mandal Pujan, ShetraPal Pujan, Navgraha Mandal Pujan, 108 chants of Ganesh and nine Planets,  Guru Granth Sahib Puja or Yantra Pujan and Abhishekam, Navarn Mantra Jaap, Aarti, Pushpanjali, Bhramin Bhojan

  • Holi Pooja

    Holi is celebrated in Phalgun Purnima which generally falls in Februray or March. Holika dahan is the day when Holika is burnt down to ashes. But on this day Lord Shiva also burnt kamdeva and Lord Krishna also killed demoness Putana. Therefore, devotees also do puja of Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna at their homes on that day. The puja is performed a day before holi. People worship Prahlad and Holika in this puja. Tilak, sweets, coconut and water are offered to the deity. Devotees of Lord Shiva do Shiva puja on Holi because Lord Shiva burnt kamadeva on this day. Rituals and sadhnas are performed in this puja, holika is burnt afterwards. Next day of Holi puja, people enjoy sprinkling dry and wet colors (gulal etc.) on each other and making various special dishes and delicacies. The ash of the bonfire id believed to be pious and sacred, it is also smeared in the body.


    • It minimizes the evil effect of balrishta rog and chandal rog in horoscope.
    • The amount of suffering is reduced
    • The soul becomes pious
    • It makes your shukra and mangal grahas more powerful
    • It keeps evil away from you and your family.

    Holi Pooja

    From: 6197

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