Know about Brahmin bhoj- Importance and rules

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Brahmin bhoj is one of the rituals in the Hindu religion. According to Hindu scriptures, this ritual is intended for the departed souls of your ancestors. You can look for reliable service providers who will help you with online Brahmins bhoj. They will feed Brahmins on your behalf, and you do not need to deal with any hassle. They will make every arrangement for this custom.

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Know about Brahman Bhoj and its significance

Brahman Bhoj has a high significance in Hinduism. When you perform the rituals, the souls in peace will get satisfied. Moreover, Brahman Bhoj cleanses your forefather’s sins and liberates these souls. You will gain Punva by conducting this ritual. It will free up your life from the effects of bad Karma. The ritual will benefit ancestors of the past 14 generations. As you perform Brahman Bhoj, you can attain Moksha.

The term ‘Brahm” indicates Brahmin, while the word ‘bhoj’ denotes the feast. That is why it is a ritual of feeding a group of Brahmins. You can conduct this auspicious ritual on different occasions like upanayana, child’s birth, death, and marriage.

Why is it good to feed Brahmas?

According to Hindu mythology, the source of Brahmins is the mouth of the God Brahma. They are considered knowledgeable persons, as they have learned Vedic texts. According to ancient beliefs, God does not receive offerings until Brahmins have prayed to the Gods in your favor. That is why it is fruitful to feed and donate to Brahmins after performing the rituals.

It is especially highly important to perform Brahman bhoj after a successful pind daan.

Pind-daan is a way of paying for Pitri Rin. It is a gratitude towards your ancestors, who played an important role in your life. You will attain Mukti- the goal of every human being.

Learn about the relevant story about Brahmin Bhoj

A philanthropist, Kuntiputra Karna, was always ready to provide help to every human being. He once donated wealth to the deprived persons. However, he did not donate food to any person during his lifetime. After his death, when he reached heaven, he found no food. He started praying to the Yamraaj, who again sent him to the Earth for about 14 days. This period is referred to as Pitru Paksha. On the 14 days, Kuntiputra fed some food and water to the needy families and Brahmins. After getting back to heaven, he finally found the food to eat. So, it is thought that pitru paksha is beneficial to the departed soul.

Pitru Paksha begins on the 1st day of Poornima month of the calendar. At this time, you can dedicate Brahmin bhojan and shraddh to your forefathers. There is also Navami tithi especially intended for female ancestors.

Consult your priests to learn more about these Hindu rituals.

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What should you serve to Brahmins?

  • Puris/ Butter Rotis
  • Pulao
  • Vegetables
  • Daal
  • Salad
  • Raita
  • Achaar
  • Namkeen
  • Papad
  • Sweet Dish

You may decide on the amount of food and Dakshina on your own.

Make sure that you have cooked a vegetarian recipe for Brahmins. Maintain hygiene while cooking your food. Do not think about negative things while cooking foods in a pure environment.

A few more tips about the serving process

  • Brahmins have to face southward when they take their seats to have the Bhoj.
  • Know about the Sankalp from Pandits.
  • After the Brahmin Bhoj, you need to feed animals like cows, crows, and dogs.
  • Choose banana leaves to serve foods. You may also choose silver plates as an alternative.
  • Use both hands while serving food and water. Shastras says it is not good to serve a person with a single hand.

Brahmins should know some rules-

  • Maintenance of silence

Brahmins must not utter a word while having the food. They have to use gestures for communication. They can start normal conversations after washing their mouths and hands.

  • No complaint against the meal

According to the religious rules, Brahmins must avoid giving any positive and negative feedback about the Bhoj.

  • Stick to limitations

A Brahmin can accept up to 3 Brahmin Bhoj invitations. He must not eat food at his home after attending the ceremony.

There are also some rules about the donation Brahman Bhojan. You must not donate on the day of Bhoj. The day of tarpan and sharaddh is the right time for donation. Learn about the dan guidelines from pundits.

You can feed 2 to 11 Brahmins based on your affordability. So, you can look for online service providers who help you with Brahman Bhojan or contact us. The number of Brahmins to be fed can make a difference in the cost of packages. It is a pious activity that enables you to get the blessings of Brahmins.

Any religious ceremonies and Shradh rituals cannot be done without the participation of Brahmins.

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