Puja for success in love and relationships

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It is the dream of every person to have a successful love life. But, in every relationship, there are some potential problems like jealousy, discord, and cheating. These issues can result in a gloomy situation and depression in your life. Your life seems to be painful due to complications in relationships.

However, the best solution for you is to perform puja for success in love and relationships. With proper puja rituals, you can maintain positivity in your love life. You will gain attraction powers and can charm others. You can hire priests for spiritual practices that restore your romantic life.

In the ancient age, Sages and Rishis used to bestow magnetism and charisma to their devotees. But, now, you can achieve these qualities with puja and influence others’ thoughts. Some priests will provide you with silver tabeez and energised Rudraksha. They will check your birth details and follow Vedic rituals to perform puja.

Puja to get the dream partner in your life

Maha Sudarshan puja

You can make an auspicious beginning of your life with Sudarshan puja. The term, Sudarshan, refers to the holy wheel used by Lord Vishnu. The serrated edges of the chakra have the power to destroy your enemies in relationships. You will also attain victory, prosperity, and courage. Lord Sudarshan will also save you from incurable diseases.

You need Maha Sudarshan Yantra, chunri, Rudraksha, tulsi mala, red thread, coloured rice, and kumkum.

Kamadev puja

Priests will chant the Kamadev Gayatri mantra to perform the puja. According to Hindu scriptures, Kamadev is the God of attraction, harmony, and love. The son of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu, Kamadev, is the spouse of Goddess Rati, who controls charm and love.

Recite the Kamadev Gayatri mantra regularly to solve problems like delayed marriages. You will also gain the ability to share your partner’s feelings. Moreover, you will become more aware of your attractiveness. The mantra gives you hypnotic powers to draw the attention of the opposite sex. You may also worship Kamdev to get blessings for progeny and physical beauty.

Other reasons for performing Kamdev Rati puja-

  • To restore romance and love in life
  • To find a soul mate
  • To influence others with your charm
  • To get other’s favours
  • To attract the desired partner

Puja for success in love and relationships

  • Puja for success With 11000 chants INR: 8,500 priests: 4 Day 1
  • Puja for success with 21000 chants INR: 14,500 priests: 7 Day 1

During the puja, you and your priests will face northwest. The time after sunrise is best for performing the Kamdev puja, and you may wear a pink dress on the day of puja. The puja starts with prayers to Ganesha. Add fragrant flowers, chandan, and mango leaves to the kalash water. Close the kalash with coconut and mango leaves. It is good to use pink flowers for this puja.

Prepare kheer (with sugar and rice) as bhog, and you need to share it with family members and friends.

Krishna puja

The 8th incarnation of the Lord Vishnu, Krishna is the God of love, kindness, and compassion. He determines the lovers’ destiny, and thus, you need to worship Him to get His blessings of love. With a successful puja, you can increase your partner’s attraction towards you.

The merciful Lord will also bless you with prosperity and serenity. As He is the epitome of kindness and love, He will bring you harmony in marital and love life.

But, how will you worship the Lord? Place the God’s statue on a table covered with a piece of cloth. Make a proper setup of the altar.

Decorate the God’s idol with flowers, garlands, jewels, and clothes. You can light the aarti lamps with cotton wicks and ghee. The puja plate needs to be arranged with sandal paste, turmeric paste, incense sticks, potable water, and vermillion.

Pradyumna puja

As the son of Rukmini Maharani and Lord Krishna, Pradyumna is a Vyuha avatar of Lord Vishnu. He is a warrior and uses a highly powerful weapon. He understands the Chakra Vyuha mystery and is the incarnation of the God of love- Kamdev.

Shiva burnt Kamdev while He created obstacles to the Lord’s meditation. But, Shiva promised Rati (Kamdev’s wife) that His next birth Kamdev will be as Pradyumna, the son of Krishna. Worship the Lord Pradyumna for several reasons.

  • To find fulfilment in your love life
  • To strengthen your attraction powers
  • To eliminate negativity from your life
  • To make your relationship stronger
  • To persuade your love to be attracted to you

Gauri Shankar Puja-

With this puja, you can solve problems in your love life. Gauri Shankar puja prevents misunderstandings in your marital life. Couples can perform this puja to develop a protective shield. Negative power will not damage your relationship.
You can now engage some priests to perform puja of the Gods of love. The pundits know the mantras and rituals for every puja. Based on the Hindu calendar, they will conduct the puja on a particular Tithi. Thus, you will find a positive effect on your relationship.

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