Puja for protection against accidents

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No one can predict death and injury in life. The cause of death of any person can be a disease or accident. It is frustrating when someone loses his precious life in an accident. So, how will you protect yourself from these incidents? Although you try to be careful, mishaps are unavoidable. But, you can prevent them by worshiping gods.

According to astrologers, when the third house of your astrological chart is weak, there are signs of inauspiciousness in your life. Similarly, the weakness of the 8th house will increase the risks of accidents. Thus, you must abide by traffic rules and drive your car safely. However, puja with proper rituals can reduce the potential of accidents in the future.

Show your devotion to Lord Shiva and Hanuman to get their blessings and protect yourself from accidents. Worship both these gods together, as their energies will increase positivity and save you from bad luck.

Shiva pooja benefits you in different ways

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva, the God of destruction, symbolizes mercy. Devotees pray to the Lord in their own ways to please him. However, you may call your priests to know the shiv pooja vidhi. Moreover, you need to recite the shiva pooja mantra to remove fears and struggles in your life.

The Om Tryambakam yajamahe mantra is intended to pray to the God for protection. Take your bath in the morning and recite the mantra. The best time for doing it is between 2-4 am. But, you may choose the time slot on your own. Learn the mantra from your priest and chant it every day. It is also good to use a Rudraksha mala while reciting the mantra.

Jai Jai Shiv Yog Siddhi mantra also saves you from accidents. While traveling by rail, sea, and road, you must chat with them. You must do it from the core of your heart. You will find every mantra effective. The Maha Mrityunjaya hymns are also best for saving lives from premature death. The mantra ensures longevity and a cure from a chronic illness. It is good to chant the Mrityunjaya mantra on your birthdays.

Lord Shiva destroys danger and death, and thus, by worshiping Him, you can ensure protection to your family members.

While reciting Lord Shiva’s mantra, you need to use a Jaap Mala and offer flowers to Shivling. Moreover, you need water and milk to perform Abhishekam. You will get Lord Shiva’s blessings with proper rituals.
Lord Shiva always prefers water, incense, fruits, and Bel leaves.

Puja for protection against accidents

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Worship Lord Hanuman and save your life from accidents

Lord Hanuman is another God, protecting you from risks and harms in life. Dedicate your prayers to Him, and stay safe. You can recite the Om Hum Hanumate mantra for Hanuman pooja.

You can use a red Munga Mala while chanting the mantra. A red Sandalwood is an alternative to this Mala. Lord Hanuman loves red flowers, and therefore, you can offer these blossoms to please Him. Pray to God every morning after taking a bath. You can talk to your priests to know more about Hanuman puja vidhi.

Hanuman mantra will transform your life and cause several effects-

  • You will gain high resilience by chanting the mantra regularly. You will become a winner in every situation and fight against challenges.
  • Recite Hanuman chalisa regularly to save your life from evil spirits, ghosts, darkness, diseases, and negative thoughts.
  • You will have better health, attain courage, gain physical strength, and acquire high stamina. Your immune system will become stronger, and you will feel more confident.
  • Lord Hanuman also solves problems related to family, marriage, and other aspects of your life.
  • You can keep away from the malefic effects of Ketu and Saturn.
  • Lord Hanuman blesses you with longevity.
  • To become more active and energetic, it is important to chant Hanuman mantra.
  • Kids may also do it for a sharper brain and perform better in academics.
  • You can overcome the fear of death as a devotee of Hanuman.

How to do puja of Lord Hanuman and Shiva

To worship the Lords for your protection against accidents, you can look for at least 3 priests. They will also make 108 chants of every planetary mantra.

The priests will do aarti, yagna, and mantra jap for 2 consecutive days. Know the details of puja rituals for a flawless arrangement. The pundits will ask you to show your kundali. They will interpret it and arrange the puja accordingly.

On the chosen day of worshiping the Lords, you have to wake up in the early morning and take your bath. Clean the house and its surroundings. Select the best site to conduct the pooja. The overall pooja activity includes Navagraha Pooja, Kalash Stapana, and several other things. With auspicious mantras, the priests will invoke the Gods.

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