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1 mukhi

Consciousness and wealth is attained along with health energy and luck are bestowed. Gives control over senses to brings concentration.Importance of 1 mukhi rudrakshaIt is the rarest and most auspicious among all Rudraksha beads.One mukhi chandrakar belongs a variety which is an alternate to Rudraksha.Blessed by lord Siva himself.Washes off all sins (all type of sins) of the wearer.Enhances knowledge about the supreme power. Minimizes worldly attachment. Wearer gets control over his/her own senses.Goddess Lakshmi blesses the wearer/worshiper.Brings the wearer close to Shiva and also fulfills all his desires in this world.Gives concentration power and inner peace. Gives leadership qualities also skills to overcome stressful situations.Very helpful to overcome any bad habit, addiction problem. Worn around neck.Overcomes lack of confidence, increases charisma, personal power, prosperity.Diseases cured by ek mukhi rudrakshaDisease cure by ek mukhi rudrakshaNight blindness, urinary stones, respiratory diseases, thrombus in blood vessel,Heart diseases, eye/skin problem, fistula, dyspepsia, disorder of digestive functionCharacterized by discomfort or heartburn or nausea.Controls hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal of the body.Who should wear 1 mukhi rudrakshaAll adults who want a full of life.Those want to get rid of bad habits/addiction,Want to come out of predicament situations.For spiritual growth, peaceful life, material detachment, higher state of consciousnessAstrological view of ek mukhi rudrakshaRemoves malefic of Sun as ek mukhi rudraksha also represents sun.Effect of Sun - headache, right eye defect, piles, ear/skin/lever/bone diseases, bowel problem, weakness.Testimonials on 1 mukhi rudraksha This is widely available and considered to be suitable alternative to round one mukhi.Puranas describe this to give Moksha, Wealth and everything else in life.Mantra: OM NAMAH SHIVAYA..

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10 mukhi rudraksha

Removes vastu dosha and conceiving problem eased. Also solves court cases, disputes and acts of enemity. Helps in unstable mind and anxiety.Importance of 10 mukhi rudraksha bead- Eliminates sufferings caused by all planets.- Protects from black magic, evil eye, jealousy, untimely death.- Removes fear of ghost, fear like someone is behind you. Removes vastu dosha (directional problems).- Helpful in solving court cases, disputes and acts of enemy.- Represents lord vishnu and brings vaishnavaite.- Worn for conceiving also.- Brings a sense of security.Diseases cured by 10 mukhi rudraksha bead- Insomnia (unable to sleep), conceiving problem, hearing disease, fearful- 10 mukhi rudraksha controls heart of body.Who should wear- Those suffering from insomnia(inability to sleep), unstable mind, anxiety.- Those who need direction in profession and life.- Who have court cases and land disputes and need peace.Astrological view- 10 mukhi rudraksha removes malefic of all planets. - Krishna bhagwan owns this bead. - Provides eternal piece and happiness to the wearer. - It is a real protective shield to the wearer. - Court issues or land disputes - Gives peace.- Pacifying all the planets in one's birth chart.Size: 22-25 mmMantra: OM HREEM NAMAH..

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11 mukhi rudraksha

protection longevity and victory is the result. Brings happiness Removes fear and helps in yoga practice. Leadership quality and fortune comes to feet of wearer.Importance of 11 mukhi rudraksha bead- 11 mukhi rudraksha represents Shri Hanuman. Bestows with oratorical skills, negotiation skills, self confidence, intelligence, physical and mental power.- Useful for meditation purpose, to bring devotion to god. Controls the physical senses. Brings good luck, fortune, leadership qualities.- Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha is a symbol of Ekadash Rudra i.e. Lord Indra (The Lord of all gods) and has the combined powers of eleven gods stored within this 11 mukhi Rudraksha.- Gives happiness, protections, longevity, victory. Protects from untimely death.- It takes care of health (without disease) and useful in yoga practices.- Gives stability in business/profession.Diseases cured- Blood pressure, heart problem, diabetes.- 11 mukhi rudraksha Controls nerve energy of body.Who should wear 11  mukhi rudraksha- Those want to be fearless in life, gain prosperity. Useful for meditation/practice of yoga. Useful for people having instability in business, poor in diplomacy, lack of confidence, fear of unknown. Can be worn on crown hair. Those who want adventurous life.- Those who want deep meditation and need immediate spiritual thoughts.Astrological view- 11 mukhi rudraksha bead removes malefic of all planets/Saturn.- Worn on top of the head for instant results.- Vedic astrology states - Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha represents Ekadash Rudra. The eleven forms of Lord Shiva are : Ahirbhutanya, Bhav, Bhim, Chand, Kapali, Pingal, Shasta, Shumbh, Virupaksh and Vilohit and Hanuman. Hanuman is the eleventh form of Lord Shiva.- 11 Mukhi Rudraksha is very auspicious in religious rituals and is worn by saints and sages during their meditation.- It is said that the wearer of an Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha gets the same merits and powers as those obtained on sacrifice of One thousand horses or gift of One thousand cows.- All eleven rudra own this bead. - Purans describe as equivalent to ashwamedha yagya.- Gives proper meditation to wearer.- Removes the malefic effect of all planets ( as per birth chart )- Size: 24-26 mm- Mantra: OM HREEM HOOM NAMAH..

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12 mukhi rudraksha

Wearer never suffers from mental or physical pain. Gives inner strength to rule like sun and shine. Used for vastu problem(directional issues) and black magic and meditation.Importance of 12 mukhi rudraksha bead- 12 Mukhi Rudraksha ruled by Sun and the wearer is blessed with the quality of sun - to rule and move with radiance and strength.- Wearer is freed from fear of fire and diseases.- Gives wealth and happiness. Wearer never gets poverty.- Removes sins committed by killing animals. Dispels fear of armed men, horned animals, lion.- Wearer never suffers from mental/physical pain. Makes fearless and trouble free. Has power to cure several diseases.- Gives leadership quality, power to control over people. Gives inner strength to rule like sun.- Removes all doubts of mind and makes happy from within. Believed to remove all types of problems.- Used for vastu problem(directional issues) and black magic.Disease cured by 12 mukhi rudraksha- Skin disorders, leprosy, eye disease, heart weakness, mental disorder, bone diseases, indigestion, blood pressure, diabetes, intestine, nose, blood pressure problems.- Can be used for seventh chakra, Stomach disorder.- 12 mukhi rudraksha controls cerebral hemisphere, esophagus, hiatus of stomach.- For sickness of children ( 12 + 3 + 5 mukhi combination)Who should wear- Those who want to remain healthy(physical stamina) and prosperous. Those need authority like administrators, leaders, politicians.- Recommended for people suffering from gastric and esophagus problems, bowel movement, heart diseases, lung diseases and skin problems.- In problems of lack of recognition, lack of respect in work place, lack in personal relationships, lack of financial advancement, limited prospects, boredom, lack of fulfilling and excited life.Astrological view- 12 mukhi rudraksha removes malefic of sun.- Effect of sun : leprosy, Weak heart, skin disease, indigestion, headache, right eye defect, piles, ear/skin/lever/bone diseases, bowel problem, weakness - Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha is symbol of twelve virtues of Lord Sun. - It is an embodiment of twelve facets of Lord Surya which are : Light of universal friendship, Light of compelling radiance, Dispelling of darkness or ignorance, Shining Principle, All Pervading Light, Light of Mystic Fire, Golden colored one healing gold, Light obvious and subtle as at dawn and dusk, Light of the sage, Light of enlightenment, Light that removes afflictions.- Sun owns this mukhi. Ruling and shining is the result of wearing. - Anger and worries are removed. Confidence come in. - Mantra : Om kraum sraum Raum Namah ..

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13 mukhi rudraksha

Fulfills all the desires and brings perfection in alchemy and research work and medicine. spiritual and materialistic successes.Importance of 13 mukhi rudraksha bead- 13 mukhi rudraksha Fulfills all desires. Gives perfection in alchemy, research, medicine work.- Gives everything to wearer to enjoy a life of full.- Removes sin of killing close relatives.- Brings in good luck. Gives both spiritual and material attainments.- Gives leadership power, name/fame, attraction, excellence in fine arts, writing, oratory, convincing power.Disease cured- Used for Psychiatric illness/disorders, sexual disorders, neck/kidney/throat/urinary/eye problems, thyroid problem, conceiving problem, indigestion, arthritis, vein/nerve obstruction. Improves sexual performance.- 13 mukhi rudraksha controls celiac plexus, prostrate.Who should wear- Those dedicated to explore/research something get the desired result. Those who want to accomplish and enjoy luxuries of life.- Actors, artists, leaders, politicians, marketing professionals, HRD people, film stars are benefited. (if profession requires oratory skills, artistic presentation, charm)- Can be worn on right arm.Astrological view- 13 mukhi rudraksha removes malefic of Mars/Venus.- Effect of Mars/Venus - Diseases and problems involving genital organs, throat. Decrease in Sexual pleasure, love, musical talent, valor. - 13 mukhi rudraksha represents Lord Indra (Lord of all gods). - This Rudraksha fulfills all earthly desires and helps in attainment of eight siddhis (accomplishments).- It has virtues like love, affection, beauty and attraction as its attributes.- Thirteen faced Rudraksha is the symbol of Lord Indra and Lord Kamadeva (Cupid).- Eindra owns terah face bead. - It brings opportunities to enjoy all desires.- Vashikarn shakti is increased.- The glow and charisma in made multifold.- Brings new power to the kundalini shakti.Size: 26 mm - 28 mmMantra: OM HREEM NAMAH..

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14 mukhi rudraksha

Increases power of eight chakras. Improves intuitive thinking. Helps in gynecological problem cure. Helps to judge people in better and in effective manner. Protects from all calamities miseries and worries.Importance of 14 mukhi rudraksha bead- 14 mukhi rudraksha is the most precious divine thing.- Known to have been directly produced from the eye of rudra.- Controls the ajna chakra (between 2 eyebrows). Improves visualization power on wearing on ajna chakra.- Protects the wearer and helps to make correct judgment in their action/plan.- Wearer purifies the ancestors and forefathers. Helps to improve the present, corrects the past, and makes the future positive and foreseen.- Helps in increasing power of eight chakras. Improves intuitive thinking.- Corrects stammering. Helps in gynecological problems. Helps to judge people in better, effective manner.- Worn for better future sight, visualization power, meditation. Protects from all calamities, miseries, worries. Provides safety and riches. - Chauda face bead brings the fearless mind within us. - Brings devotion and bhakti.- Dedication feeling and samarpana thoughts becomes stronger.Size: 28mm - 30 mmMantra: OM NAMAHDiseases cured by 14 mukhi rudraksha- Effective against heart, eyes, skin, womb problems. Also eases ulcer, sexual weakness. stomach ache, weakness, paralysis, epilepsy, impotence, abortion, dumbness, women problems, arthritis, sperm purification.- 14 mukhi rudraksha Controls on heart of body.Who should wear- Very helpful for speculative business like share trading etc. Very helpful for HR people, People in import export business.- Can be worn on forehead.Astrological view- 14 mukhi rudraksha removes malefic effect of Saturn.- Effect of Saturn - diseases occurring suddenly without any cause, hopelessness, impotency, cold, delay in achievement, long lasting diseases, scarcity, worry, obstruction...

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15 mukhi rudraksha

Helps in increasing power of eight chakras. Improves intuitive thinking, better future sight, visualization power, meditation. Protects from all calamities, miseries, worries.Importance of 15 mukhi rudraksha bead(Same powers like 14 mukhi with additional luck in acquiring wealth)- 15 mukhi rudraksha is also most precious divine bead.- Known to have been directly produced from the eye of rudra.- Controls the ajna chakra (between 2 eyebrows). Improves visualization power on wearing on ajna chakra.- Protects the wearer and helps to make correct judgment in their action/plan.- Wearer purifies the ancestors and forefathers. Helps to improve the present, corrects the past, and makes the future positive and foreseen.- Helps in increasing power of eight chakras. Improves intuitive thinking.- Corrects stammering. Helps in gynecological problems. Helps to judge people in better, effective manner.- Worn for better future sight, visualization power, meditation. Protects from all calamities, - miseries, worries. Provides safety and riches.- Pashupati owns this pandara face bead.- Cures the chakra placed in our heart.- Relationship is improved along with love in family.- Brings focus and knowledge like never before.Size : 25mm to mm Mantra: OM HREEM NAMAHDiseases cured by 15 mukhi rudraksha- Effective against heart, eyes, lymph, throat and all general diseases- 15 mukhi rudraksha controls on throat area of body.Who should wear- Very helpful for speculative business like share trading etc. Very helpful for HR people, People in import export business.- Those wanting wealth along with better visualization power.- Can be worn on forehead.Astrological view- 15 mukhi rudraksha removes malefic of Saturn.- Effect of Saturn - diseases occurring suddenly without any cause, hopelessness, impotency, cold, delay in achievement, long lasting diseases, scarcity, worry, obstruction...

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16 mukhi rudraksha

Helps in increasing inner power/strength. Brings better understanding with people, protects from adversaries in life. Brings more devotion.Importance of 16 mukhi rudrakshaMost precious rudrakshaDedicated to Lord Ram. Brings Devotion to the wearer.Good family relations, respect within family & friends.Removes fear of death.Removes all planetary position defects and the problems related to that.Brings awareness to inner mind. Gives internal energy.Solah face bead is owned by maha mhrutyunjaya.Protection from all sitionations which are adverse and even from negative things.Yama does not come to the wearer.Brings Victory and blessings while removing fear of insecurity.Size: 28mm - 31mmMantra: OM HAUM JOOM SAH Who should wear 16 mukhi rudrakshaPeople looking for making better relationship.To overcome all adversaries in life and family.To restore bad relations in family, friends and to bring harmony in family circle.People who want to avoid their divorce like situations.Who is afraid of death or have less inner strength to handle situations properly.Astrological view on 16 mukhi rudrakshaRemoves negative effect of all the planets.Neutralizes the bad positional powers of all planets. ( in wearer's kundali/birth chart )Mantra for 16 mukhi rudrakshaOm Hreem Hoom NamahMahamrityunjaya Mantra..

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17 mukhi rudraksha

Helps to gain sudden wealth, To get married and to have better children. Every aspect of life is blesses for peaceful and fulfilled life. Importance of 17 mukhi rudrakshaMost sought after bead for wealth.Brings good monetary fortune to the wearer.Bestows with richness within short span of time.Improves crafting and creativity within the wearer.Gives immense spiritual knowledge and power.Bring chances to own lottery, games, share etc.Gives 4 attainments to wearer namely Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha Who should wear 17 mukhi rudrakshaWomen looking for good family life, children.women who like to have prolonged life, love with husband, to have sudden wealth.For People looking for Monetary gain, immediate growth in money, speculation money. Astrological view on 17 mukhi rudrakshaWearer gets blessings of viswakarma and devi katayani.Mantra for 17 mukhi rudrakshaOm Namah ShivayaMahamrityunjaya Mantra..

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18 mukhi rudraksha

Helps for getting healthy child, removes chances of abortions with ladies, success in all new work or project ventures.Importance of 18 mukhi rudrakshaRepresents Prithvi ( the earth )Brings all wealth possible to the wearer.Removes all diseases from the wearer.Very effective for new business ventures, new project work. For success in any type of work.Gives power to meditate and concentrate effectively.Females get relief if they are facing abortions often.Mata Bhumi owns this athara face bead.Mother earth blesses with prosperity, health and wealth.When one wants to get more health, wear this bead.Business prosperity increases multifold.Size: nearly 30 mmMantra: OM HREEM HOOM EKATVA RUPE HOOM HREEM OMDiseases cured by 18 mukhi rudrakshaCures problem of abortions in women.Begetting/Upbringing healthy child.Affects liver and womb part of the body.Who should wear 18 mukhi rudrakshaThose making changes in their business.Those taking up new projects or task.Ladies getting more abortions.Children facing major health issues.For safety of children. Mantra for 18 mukhi rudrakshaOm Hleem Shreem Kleem Saum Aim Hreem.Om Hreem Shreem Basudevaya Swaha.Om Namah ShivayaMahamrityunjaya MantraWearing rules for 18 mukhi rudrakshaCan be worn as one piece in the mala...

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19 mukhi rudraksha

19 mukhi rudraksha helps for Political and business success, wealth & luxuries in life.Importance of 19 mukhi rudrakshaRepresents Lord Vishnu(Narayana Prabhu).Fulfills all desires of the wearer.Bring tremendous energy in wearer for analysis and analytical ability.Gives understanding ability, power to do business, service, social activity & political work.Wearer gets success in all actions, enjoys all luxuries & wealth.Unish face bead is owned by Narayana.Immense health, business benefits are bless.Best health and perfect suffess in job / business / education is promised.Wearer gets the most preferable life partner.Size: Nearly 29mmMantra: OM HREEM HOOM NAMAHDiseases cured by 19 mukhi rudrakshaControls lungs & bronchial parts of the body.Helps in sexual disorders.Helps in various incurable diseases.Who should wear 19 mukhi rudrakshaFor stress free life.To get wealth.To succeed in any work.Ro reverse/normalize black magic & Jealousy. Mantra for 19 mukhi rudrakshaOm Hreem Hoom Namah.Om Namah ShivayaMahamrityunjaya MantraWearing rules for 19 mukhi rudrakshaWorn as a piece in the mala...

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2 mukhi rudraksha

Unity is bestowed. Helps in singles getting married. Sexual health is increased. Relationships attains a new step with this.Importance of 2 mukhi rudraksha> 2 mukhi rudraksha represents Lord Ardhanareeshwar(god and goddess melt into each other)> Frees wearer from sin of cow slaughter.> Wearer gets many benefits which we get from yanjnas.> Gives good family life, good relationships with others. Brings unity in family, friends etc.> Helps in to get married.> Gives happiness, spiritual gain, for begetting children.> Wearer's family finds faith, reverence among themselves.> Removes differences in opinion.> Dow face bead is representing both shiva and parvati as Unity and harmony.> Any relationship where two people are involved, this gives the perfection in relationship.> Fear and emotional issues are removed immediately.> Contentment and satisfaction is blessed. > Mantra: OM NAMAHDiseases cured by 2 mukhi rudraksha> Memory loss, urinary bladder disease, lung and heart disease, left eye problem, leukemia, liver/breast problem.> Controls heart of the body.Who should wear 2 mukhi rudraksha> Singles facing difficulty in getting partner. Those having relation problems within family or in work field etc.> Childless couple can wear for begetting children. Those needing peaceful relationship, need more friends/friendship, better family life.Astrological view> 2 mukhi rudraksha removes malefic of Moon.> Effect of Moon - kidney, intestine, left eye problem. lack of harmony in relationships...

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20 mukhi rudraksha

20 mukhi rudraksha is best for Curing Diabetics, blindness & deafness by controlling all planets.Importance of 20 mukhi rudrakshaRare RudrakshaRepresents Brahma (the pure God).Full of Devinne powers.Power of all Planets are within.Beesh face bead is owned by Brahma.Creation or creativity knowledge on arts /music is blessed.Immense amount of knowledge and intelligence is bless.Those working for the people, find it fulfilling everything they desire.Size: 32 mm nearlyMantra: Brahma mantraDiseases cured by 20 mukhi rudrakshaAffects adrenal part of the body.Diabetics cured. Deafness & eye power problems are eased.All diseases are caused by planetary positions and all planets are controlled by 20 Mukhi.Who should wear 20 mukhi rudrakshaFor them who want to achieve all success & fame in life. Mantra for 20 mukhi rudrakshaOm Hreem Hreem Hum Hum Brahmane Namah.Om Namah ShivayaMahamrityunjaya Mantra..

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21 mukhi rudraksha

21 mukhi rudraksha is lord Kuber who flows the wealth with good health. Fame and prosperity continues for ever.Importance of 21 mukhi rudraksha·         Represents Lord Kuber (the God of Wealth).·         Wearer is blessed with enormous wealth.·         Wealth and Fortunes flow continuously till the rudraksha is with the wearer.·         All luxuries of life are best owned.·         Wearer is protected from bad eye, magic, evil.·         Eikish face bead is owned by Kubera.·         Immense wealth is blessed to fulfill everything of the wearer.·         Every type of disease is eliminated.·         Size: 38 mm nearly·         Mantra: Kubera Mantra Who should wear 21 mukhi rudraksha·         Those who want all success in life.·         Those who want fame and Prosperity in life. Diseases cured by 21 mukhi rudraksha·         Controls reproductive organs of human body.·         Retain health of wearer.·         Restores fertility & power in men. Mantra for 21 mukhi rudraksha·         Om Hreem Hoom Shivamitraye Namah.·         Om Namah Shivaya ·         Om Heem Hreem Heem Shreem Shreem Shreemaim...

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3 mukhi rudraksha

Brings energy within, Makes active. For a life of success and luck. Self confidence is increase. Helps to solve problems in life.Importance of 3 mukhi rudraksha> Agnidev is represented with 3 mukhi rudraksha.> It makes the wearer pure from inside. > Past sins are removed.> People with Inferiority complex are highly benefited. > Self hatred feeling is minimized. > Mental strain or stress is minimized after wearing.> Brings energy and also removes the laziness within.> Makes the soul pure.> Brings success in life.> Problems in life are solved. > All type of diseases are minimized. > It cures all problems related to ladies.> Self confidence is increased.> Stress in daily life is controlled.> Teen face bead is owned by Agni.> Removes all past karma issues and opens up the opportunity for success.> One gets Moksha with this bead.> Heals all stomach and liver related issues.> Size: nearly 18 mm> Mantra: OM KLEEM NAMAHDiseases cured by 3 mukhi rudraksha> 3 mukhi rudraksha controls blood pressure.> Diabetes which is now a threat to the nation, is also benefited.> Very effective against stomach ailments, fever.> Eye defect, cancer, cholera, ulcer, swellings are aided by use of this rudraksha.> Weakness, disorders of the sex glands/adrenal glands are cured.> Cold, blood infection problems get minimized.> Cures (i)repeat occurrence of fever in children (ii) very weak children.> Skin diseases are aided on use.> Throat and Celia plexus part of the body are controlled by this bead.> Beneficial for ladies menstrual problem.Who should wear 3 mukhi rudraksha> For laziness in life/work.> For weakness,sexual problems.> For inferiority complex feelings. > For depression, negative or guilt feel mentality.Astrological view> Removes malefic of Mars/Sun.> What are the bad effect of Mars planet - land disputes, blood poisoning, accidents, inferiority feeling, fearful, self hatred, mental strain, blood pressure, disturbed menstrual cycle, kidney problem...

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4 mukhi rudraksha

Enhanced Speaking power, good memory power, Intelligence is increased. Concentration and Memory is achieved immediately.Importance of 4 mukhi rudraksha bead> The god brahma represent 4 mukhi rudraksha.> Wavering mind is calmed down.> Intelligence of wearer is increased noticeably.> Speaking power is increased it's power.> Animal killing sin is removed.> Name and fame grows in 4 directions.> Widely used for children for their memory and concentration power.> Char face is owned by brihaspati.> Knowledge and creativity becomes power of the wearer.> Vocal power and intelligence is multifolded.> Mantra : OM HREEM NAMAHDiseases cured by 4 mukhi rudraksha> loss of memory, epilepsy are cured.> Mental diseases are benefited.> paralysis/gall bladder diseases are eliminated.> Controls mental stress.> All disorders related to mind is cured.> Concentration is achieved.> Rudraksha crown is made with this bead (550 numbered beads)> For cure of memory loss or any mental disorder boil with milk for 15 min and then consume. > ENT problem, paralysis, sexual diseases are cured.> Memory loss is avoided with use of this bead.> Hand/arm/lung/thyroid/gall bladder diseases are benefited.> Adrenal and heart area of the body are controlled.Who should wear 4 mukhi rudraksha> students teachers etc> people who are using their mind more.> To get concentration, success in studies.> Helpful for research related job/assignment/work.Astrological view> Removes malefic of Mercury/Jupiter.(Goddess saraswati)> Effect of Mercury - dullness of mind, lack of grasping/understanding power, difficulty in effective communication, logical/structural thinking...

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5 mukhi rudraksha

Calms down thought, Protects health, Brings peace. A general health tonic.Importance of 5 mukhi rudraksha bead> It is the most widely available rudraksha.> Sins earned by forbidden acts are removed by wearing this bead.> Sudden/uncertain death fear can be eliminated with the power of this.> Meditating people need it for attaining all sadhanas.> Very widely available rudraksha.> Peace and fame comes with this bead.> It is used for water therapy where it's importance is felt by direct consumption.> It protects from all type of diseases.> Fear is warded off after wearing.> Pancha face bead is owned by Rudra.> Very powerful and auspicious bead to be worn.> Awareness and memory power are multifolded.> Size: 18 mm - 22 mm> Mantra: OM HREEM NAMAHDiseases cured by 5 mukhi rudraksha> Liver thighs vertebral column, cardiac problems are cured.> Recommended in cases where the disease of Blood pressure, Breast ailments, Memory enhancer, acidity, fistula, inflammability exist.> Wearer's important chakra are affected on wearing this.Who should wear 5 mukhi rudraksha> 5 mukhi rudraksha bead helps to bring good meditation.> For removing fear.> For BPAstrological view> Malefic effect of Jupiter is minimized on wearing 5 mukhi rudraksha bead.> What are effect of Jupiter ? Can cause utter poverty, lack of harmony. Also diseases caused by fat, kidney, thigh, ear, diabetes are caused...

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6 mukhi rudraksha

Improves oratory skills Blesses with luxury, comfort, pleasure, Controls sexual diseases, mouth disease, urinary problem.Importance of 6 mukhi rudraksha- Refines wisdom, improves expression/will power.- Improves oratory skills(can influence group of people)- 6 mukhi rudraksha Purifies a person from serious sins. Wearer remains brave.- Blesses with luxury, comfort, pleasure.- Worn along with 4 mukhi for education excellence.- 6 mukhi rudraksha helps in stammering problem(speech defect)- Chhe face bead is owned by Sukra.- Brings perfection and focus along with energy and confidence.- Luck is felt within few days of wearing.- Size: 20 mm - 22 mm - Mantra: OM HREEM HOOM NAMAHDisease cure by 6 mukhi rudraksha- Controls sexual diseases, mouth disease, urinary problem, neck related, dropsy, Cancer, organ failure, kidney, neck, throat, indigestion, arthritis, eye, nerve/vein related,thyroid.- Childless couple wear this along with 4 mukhi, gauri shankar.Who should wear 6 mukhi rudraksha- Students,artists,teachers,scientists(who use mental power and learning)- Who wants to excel in speeches.Astrological view- Removes malefic of Mars/Venus.- Effect of Mars/Venus - Diseases and problems involving genital organs, throat. Decrease in Sexual pleasure, love, musical talent, valor...

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7 mukhi rudraksha

Sublimates enemies and their power, Gets increased attention from opposite sex impotency, increase of sperm, dumbness, paralysis, weakness.Importance of 7 mukhi rudraksha> 7 mukhi rudraksha bead offers several powers to the wearer.> Wearer is not affected by any type of poisoning (as described)> Removes sins resulting from theft, drug abuse, adultery.> Wearer may get hidden treasure.> Gets increased attention from opposite sex.> Sublimates enemies and their power.> Goddess mahalakshmi is pleased with the wearer.> Removes bad luck. Provides health and wealth.> saat face bead is owned my Lakshmi.> Opportunities and wealth is blessed immediately after wearing.> Long standing miseries and issues are eased.> Size: 19 mm - 22 mm> Mantra: OM HOOM NAMAHDisease cured by 7 mukhi rudraksha bead> 7 mukhi rudraksha bead controls pain caused by arthritis. Effective in Muscular pain. Treats all kinds of sexual diseases(impotence). > Leukemia, heart problems, throat disease.> Stomach ache, impotency, increase of sperm, dumbness, paralysis, weakness Who should wear 7 mukhi rudraksha bead> For all kind of people to gain wealth and prosperity.> Very powerful against diseases of bone,arthritis pain. Astrological view> 7 mukhi rudraksha removes malefic of Shani> Effect of shani/Rahu - Sudden fall in status, diseases of lungs, feet and skin, hydrocele, Diseases occurring suddenly without any cause, impotency, cold, obstruction, hopelessness, despair, delay in achievements, long time disease, scarcity, worry. ..

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8 mukhi rudraksha

Removes diseases of nervous system, prostrate, gall bladder, breathing problem. Brings fame, excellence in art, leadership qualities, prosperity.Importance of 8 mukhi rudraksha bead> Improves intelligence and health.> Gives Analytical mind, great understanding, good writing skills.> Sins committed while telling lies gets condoned.> Brings fame, excellence in art, leadership qualities, prosperity. > Long standing hurdles and depression goes away.> Obstacles remover.> Size: 20 mm - 22 mm> Mantra : OM HOOM NAMAHDisease cured by 8 mukhi rudraksha> Removes diseases of nervous system, prostrate, gall bladder, breathing problemWho should wear 8 mukhi rudraksha> People who get obstacles in life and get failures constantly.> Used for Shani problem (should wear along with seven mukhi - for shani dasha)Astrological view> 8 mukhi rudraksha bead removes malefic of Rahu (Helpful in malefic effects of shani also)> Effect of shani/Rahu - Sudden fall in status, diseases of lungs, feet and skin, hydrocephalus..

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